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birthday party rental

The best birthday party ever, kids loved it, and grown ups too! They make it so unbelievably easy! We need this in this community, a place where kids can stop looking at their screens and just be kids!! 5 stars EASY
Had a birthday party here in December and it was AWESOME! The children had a blast and so did the adults. We booked it for 3 hrs but the children could have stayed longer. Highly recommended!


birthday party rental


birthday party rental

Maple Ridge Terms & Conditions

Terms of rental:

1. Payment shall be made in full to the Maple Ridge Centre, upon arrival on the day of the event.

2. For bookings at which alcohol is to be served and/or consumed, the persons sponsoring the function shall comply with all provincial and municipal regulations, with respect to the dispensing and consuming of alcohol, and will obtain the required license from the Provincial authorities and display the license at the function.

3. Where the facilities are to be used by a minor group, the rental agreement shall be completed by a responsible adult or by a representative of an organization having authority over the minor group, and such person(s) shall be responsible for maintaining proper supervision over the group while on the premises.

4. It shall be the responsibility of the organization or persons renting the facility to see that all persons attending the function conduct themselves in an orderly manner.

5. During an event where food is being prepared in the facilities, open deep fryers may not be used.

6. It shall be the responsibility of the organization or persons renting the facility to see that the facility is left undamaged, and in a tidy condition.

7. The organization or individual renting the facility shall not be entitled to assign or sublet the facility.

8. The organization or individual renting the facility shall be responsible for the safety and security of their own equipment and that of any musical group hired for the occasion.

9. The Renter agrees that it will indemnify and save harmless, Maple Ridge Centre and its officers, employees, servants, agents, successors and assigns from and against any and all claims whatsoever, including all damages, liabilities, expenses, costs, including legal or other fees incurred in respect of any such claim, or any cause of proceeding brought therein, arising directly or indirectly from or in connection with the granting of this Agreement, and the use and occupation of the said premises, save that this Renter will be under no obligation to indemnify and save harmless Maple Ridge Centre against or in respect of any damages or judgement rendered against Maple Ridge Centre resulting from or arising out of any negligence or fault on the part of the Maple Ridge Centre in connection with the maintenance or condition of the premises to the extent that the damage, loss or injury was caused or occasioned by the negligence of the Centre.

10. The Renter agrees that before it commences using the premises for hockey games, practices, skating sessions, or other events, uses and occasions, it will, prior to any use, inspect the premises and equipment and immediately notify Centre Staff or Officials of any condition that may impair the safety of the premises or equipment.

11. It is the responsibility of the Renter to determine what insurance coverage, if any, including but not limited to Workers’ Compensation Participant’s Insurance and Liability, are necessary and advisable for its own protection and/or to fulfill its obligation under this Agreement. Any such additional insurance shall be maintained and provided at the sole expense of the Renter.

By renting the Maple Ridge Centre facility, I/We agree to the foregoing terms and regulations, and further agree to make all members of my/our group/organization aware of these regulations.

A non-refundable, $50 deposit is due at the time of signing. Cancellations received at least 2 weeks in advance of event can reschedule their event without forfeiting their deposit. Any cancellations less than 2 weeks will forfeit their deposit. Remainder of rental cost is due at time of party.


WOW!! Our grandson had his birthday party here today and had a blast. So much fun for everyone, even the adults! Totally hassle free! I highly recommend the Maple Ridge Centre for all your special events. You won't be disappointed and your kids/grandkids will have the best party ever!